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The popular Mini Max has become the most versatile tower system on the market today for a wide variety of applications. An entry level trade tower it is a lightweight access system that is easy to transport and store . Perfect for use inside and out, Mini Max will fit easily through standard doorway and corridors. Designed with ease of assembly in mind, Mini Max can be easily erected by one person in a quick, two-stage assembly process . Although the tower is entirely mobile, locking castors give added security and peace of mind.
  • Easy to Transport and store
  • Folding Base Unit
  • With Snap/Click Fittings

Available in 'packs' Mini Max makes selection easy m simply select the height you need to get to.
                       2.90 M
                       3.70 M
                       5.70 M
                       7.80 M
Platform size : 0.70 X 1.83 M
Manufactured by : YOUNGMAN GROUP LTD
Approved to : HD1004 Class 3

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